Different Types Of Recruitment Strategies

With labour hire more commonly known as recruitment agencies proliferating the services industry, a number of companies are preferring them over direct recruitment basically because of the many benefits companies get. In effect, a lot of people searching for jobs are relying to recruitment agencies as well.

How do labour hire agencies in Sydney work and what are the specific benefits of this job-matching set-up?

How Labour Hire Agencies Work

Labour hire agencies match employers / companies to the right people suitable for their open positions. Recruitment agencies source for candidates via website applications, job fairs, networks, job sites, and just recently, through the use of social media sites (with LinkedIn being the most popular).The labour hire agency screens applicants, comprehensively evaluates them and prepares them for the final screening of the employers. In some instances, employers no longer need to assess the applicants who passed the assessments of the recruitment agency. They trust that the agency has already performed all the screening and background check that they need in order to hire someone fit for their open positions.

Sourcing Types Done by Labour Hire Agencies

There are different types of recruitment strategies for logistics job in Sydney performed by labour hire companies. These strategies are based on their analysis of what would work best depending on the industry of their employers.

Staffing and Selection

This is the usual strategy wherein the labour hire agency sources and selects the perfect candidates based on the requirements of the employers. This type of approach is suitable for companies who do not have the time and resources to perform the selection process for freight forwarding jobs Sydney. The role of the recruitment agency ends once the candidates have been chosen and signed a contract with the employer

Contractual / Project-Based / Outsourcing

This type of recruitment is most preferred by many companies now. In this approach, companies hire workers on a contract or project basis but they do not employ these people as they are employed by the project sourcing company. Clients companies or employers trust that the project sourcing company can perform the tasks or work on their projects without having to worry who on who will specifically work on the project. In most instances, contractual projects take longer than the short term ones.

Temporary Employment

This type of employment hires people for a specified period of time. Labour hire agencies hire people for short term projects to replace a permanent employee, handle a contractual increase in work, or deal with a special project. Temporary employment are usually shorter than the project sourcing need for workers. In this set-up employment of workers end right after the agreed duration of the contract. Contractual project sourcing is most applicable to jobs that require specializes skills and knowledge. To know more about labour hire in Newcastle NSW, go to http://www.labourking.com.au/newcastle

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